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, and... [bird chirping] - this is a big responsibility, jessica. i don't let just anyone take care of t.d. - i know all about being responsible. i take care of 3 of my neighbor's houseplants and an ant farm. - ant farm. [whistles] ant farm. - t.d. likes to mimic what he hears sometimes. - mimics what he hears. [whistles] - ha ha ha! - don't worry, mr. barber. t.d. is in good hands. i've done a lot of research on african grey parrots. do you know they can live up to 65 years? - oh, really? that's crazy. i guess that's why they call them grey. [t.d. groans] - i am very impressed, jessica, but, please, don't call me mr. barber. call me tiki. - ok. ha ha! - i'm going to go run some errands. t.d. squawks a lot, so if he gets too loud, just take this sheet, throw it over top of him. - right. - goes right to sleep. - ha! - [squeaks] good morning. - oh. - [squeaks] morning. - that is a good trick, mr. barber. i mean, tiki. - i'll see you in a couple hours, t.d. - see you in a couple hours. [squeaks, whistles] - i do love that parrot. - see you later, tiki. ha! i can't believe your first pet-sit
. --- y se nos informa de ultimo momento que una mujer llamada jessica morales esta desaparecida, con lo cual aumentaria la lista de victimas. ---para que tengamos una idea de como la explosion destruyo la zona... mire este mapa de google...---a la izquierda de su pantalla puede ver la imagen de la zona de crestmore antes de la explosion...---y a la derecha puede observar la misma zona pero despues de la explosion y hace algunas horas. ---vamos en este momento a pasar en vivo con nuestra reportera pilar niÑo quien desde ayer esta cubriendo la informacion sobre este desastre... =pilar niÑo= julio locon ---pili te quedas con nosotros... vamos a regresar contigo mas adelante... ---otra de nuestras colegas que se encuentra en la zona es cristina londoÑo del noticiero nacional de telemundo... ---cristina: cuentanos en que estas trabajando para el noticiero de las 6 y 30... ---- gracias cristina, recuerde usted que el noticiero nacional de telemundo comienza al finalizar esta edicion local ...---y le planteo la pregunta de la tarde: ¿se solidarizo usted ya con las victimas del desastre? -
... ---- jessica morales de 20 aÑos es recordada en una funeraria de daly city... ---maÑana se realizara una ceremonia religiosa en una iglesia en san bruno para que el lunes sus restos descansen en un parque santo de colma... ---la madre de uno de los amigos de jessica la recuerda como una joven que irradiaba alegria... maria, es amiga de jessica y la recuerda con cariÑo cariÑo ---jessica se encontraba con su novio al momento de la explosion...el joven se encuentra hospitalizado con heridas graves. ---mientras, familiares y amigos de dos de las victmas mortales se unieron para rendirles el ultimo adios en una iglesia de san francisco... ---la ceremonia funeral de jacqueline y janessa greig tuvo lugar en la iglesia santa cecilia... a la que pertence la escuela a la que asistia la niÑa de 13 aÑos...---por cierto la escuela suspendio este dia las clases para acompaÑar a su compaÑerita... ---- y hoy, un bombero que trabaja en el lugar de la catastrofe ...descubrio lo que ve... la imagen de la virgen maria en medio de la devastacion.---segun su testimonio, todo se quemo alrededor de la ima
a lot of friends. 20 years old jessica morales one of the four that died in the san bruno gas line explosion. and a car carrying five novato high school students slammed into a big rig truck. what investigators are now saying about this fatal collision. >> we're starting out with plenty of cloud cover this morning. dense fog at our coast. mist and drizzle. a little sunshine today before rain heads your way tomorrow. >> good morning everyone. i'm theresa garcia. a memorial service later today for one of four people who died after a gas main exploded and ungulfed the neighborhood in flames in san bruno. the public memorial for jessica starts at 7:00 this evening. it's at the church of the highlands in san bruno. many of her family and friends reflected on her life at a private vigil last night. amy shares their story. >> she wasn't even supposed to be there. >> she had to switch her days of work to go watch the game with friends. but yeah, she didn't live there. so wrong place at the wrong time. >> 20-year-old jessica morales was at
,,,,,, >>> hello again, i'm jessica kartalija and here's what people are talking about today. the police get a call about a suspicious man and before they know it, they're under attack. derek valcourt is live at kings sport square shopping center with the latest. good afternoon, derek. >> reporter: police say that man was emotionally december straight and -- distraught. that's why they were culled out here. someone reported a suspicious person on liberty and marriottsville road. when the first officer arrived, he didn't have to find the suspect, the suspect found him. >> we found the office -- upon the officer getting out of the car, the suspect attacked the officer. there was a struggle over the officer's weapon. >> reporter: as the suspect tried grabbing the gun, a second officer arrived and shot the suspect in the chest twice. councilman lives nearby and heard the commotion. >> i was in my office and my wife yelled down you better see what's going on. >> reporter: he says they don't often have crime problems and the police are collecting everybody as they learn more about
tonight to say good-bye to jessica morales. she was one of the four people who died in the explosion last week, three others are presumed dead. kimberly terry is here with more on that. >> jessica and her boyfriend were watching football when the explosion happened. her boyfriend tried to save her, it was too late. tonight wasn't about how she died, it was about how she lived. >> where do i start? how do i begin to say farewell, when i can't even believe you're gone? how do i say good-bye to my heart and soul. >> a tearful good-bye from the mother of jessica morales, still grappling with her daughter's sudden death. >> i had the privilege of being her mother. and although 20 years soundses like many years, it was too short. i wish for more, but what parent doesn't in the case of losing a child. i am supposed to go first. that is the natural process. >> jessica was one of four people killed in an explosion and fire in san bruno last week. tonight the chapel of the highlands was packed with family and friends. >> she was my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime, and my ray of sunshine
francisco church in the san castro district. 44-year-old and her 14-year-old daughter jessica were among the seven residents who lost their lives. the church played a role. jessica attended school and was student body class president. the classmate talked about how the school is helping the students cope. >> they told us she was alive in our hearts and she would always, we can talk to her whenever we wanted to. >> her father, jacqueline's husband, sat in the front row along with his surviving daughter. san bruno's firefighters and officials also attended. >>> a wake was also held for one of the other victims. 20-year-old jessica morales. her friends and family are still stunned by her death. one friend told us, she's so sad she can't talk about it without starting to cry. amber lee is live with our report. amber? >> reporter: tonight, family and friends gathered at the mortuary in daly city to remember jessica morales. they say they can't believe she's gone. >>> dozens of people filed to the mortuary to attend a vigil in memory of jessica morales. those attending tonight's services wore
news now. >>> an eyewitness to yesterday's standoff speaks out. >> reporter: i'm jessica doyle. a local woman watches the event unfold in front of her window across the street. >>> and our live team coverage of hurricane earl as people on north carolina's coast brace for impact tonight. the latest after the break. >>> let's get you back to our coverage of hurricane earl. right now evacuation orders are in effect for parts of the north carolina coast. topper tell us more. >> well we are still looking at a hurricane warning for those folks. but also we have a hurricane watch up here now. storm is bearing down on the carolinas and meteorologist grant gilmore is live at the outer banks at kill devil hills. tell us how bad the storm is and how serious people are taking the storm. >> reporter: topper, the seas are starting to rise. it's been a gradual increase in everything. or maybe i should say a deterioration in conditions as we've gone throughout the day. the seas have become more choppy, the winds have gradually increased and of course the cloud cover moving in. now as we go into the eve
>>> hello again, i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. >> we begin with breaking news, a shooting inside johns hopkins hospital. it happened just a short time ago. wjz's andrea fujii is arriving at the scene and has the very latest on what must be a chaotic situation. >> reporter: we are driving to the scene right now. many of these streets are closed off and there's very limited information. this is what we do know. hospital police have confirmed that one doctors was shot inside the nelson building. there are unconfirmed reports also that another man was taken hostage inside that building. apparently this is all happening on the eightth floor. we're waiting for a police officer information to meet us with. what we do know is that one man has shot a doctor inside the nelson building in johns hopkins hospital. we are on our way to the scene to see what the condition of this doctor is and what the condition is of any other people who might have been injured as well. don, back to you. >> thank you. we know a lot of you have connections to johns hopkins hospital. so we'll
esta jessica carrillo, para decirnos que esperar en este fin de semana largo, que ya llega.---te escuchamos jessica. =enseguida llega jessica carrillo con la informacion del pronostico del tiempo, aqui en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis de la tarde = ---- nos vamos a la primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 .... ---los trabajadores de un hotel de la bahia estan otra vez protestando por sus derechos, hablaremos en vivo con una representante de los empleados del hyatt de santa clara ... ---ademas, le tenemos el nombre y la foto de la tapa del nuevo disco de la colombiana shakira !!!! ---y continue llamando para opinar en vivo al 1-866-229-4848 ... o escriba a noticiero 48@telemundo punto com.----¿que le produce estres, o enfermedades fisicas, de esta crisis economica que estamos viviendo? ¿que es lo que mas le afecta? afecta? en noticiero en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, tu voz en la comunidad= --- ya vio usted la nota de pilar niÑo en la que ella nos decia, que los embargos estan provocando enfermedades fisicas en la gente.---a usted ¿que le provoca mas estres e
contractors to do it. >>> a vigil was held in honor of jessica morales. the 20-year-old died in the explosion and fire in san bruno last week. amy hollyfield was there as loved ones remembered a vibrant, happy young woman. >> she wasn't even supposed to be there. >> she switched her day of work. she couldn't watch the game, but yeah, wrong place at the wrong time. >> 20-year-old jessica morales was at her boyfriend's san bruno home when the explosion happened. 19-year-old joseph gomez was severely burned as he tried to save her. he is still in the hospital with second and third-degree burns over 40% of his body. but tonight jessica's friends and family tried to focus on her life and not how she died. >> we are trying to just remember what a great person she was and not think of tragedy and just hold her in our hearts and know she is in a better place. >> loved ones came together in daily city for a vigil. her parents decided to keep the service private. >> she was -- she had a very beautiful pink coffin. she would have loved it because she was into fal. >> she was very good at making friends
of the pipeline explosion nine days ago. 20-year-old jessica morales was remembered tonight for her spirit and her deep love for family. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: friends, family and leaders gathered to say good-bye. there was laughter and tears at tonight's memorial as mourners recalled jessica's fashion sense and gift for friendship. most of all they remembered her joyful spirit. >> she was just so happy. mostly i will miss your laughter. i hear it so clearly. i see your smile to vividly. >> she shook my quiet little world with laughter, smile, tears and most importantly love. jessica we will always miss you, your big goofyself, your smile, most of all of course your smile. >> reporter: morales was watching football with her boyfriend at his home when the pipe loin exploded step away. he said he ran outside to see what was going on and when he tried to go back in for jessica he couldn't reach her. he is in the hospital with second and third degree burns over 40% of his bad. it's the happy memories that will keep family going. >> jessica was a wonderful sister and we all loved her very much.
to remember jessica morales. amy hollyfield has more on the emotional ceremony. >> reporter: it was heartbreaking to hear loved ones talk about her big personality and positive attitude and how much they will miss her. ♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ >> reporter: jessica morales was remembered as someone who was easy to love. her mother was the first to speak at her funeral mass. he said she wrote 20 versions of her speech. >> where do i start? how do i begin to say farewell. i can't believe you're gone. how am i going to say goodbye to my heart and soul. >> reporter: her mother wanted everyone to know that jessica was an incredible daughter. >> from the time you were born, i felt this indescribable feeling of love. i remember bringing you home from the hospital the first time. you were sitting next to junior, and it felt like our family was complete. >> reporter: jessica was killed in the explosion and fire in san bruno. she was at her boyfriend's house when the fire happened, trapping her inside, her boyfriend is in the hospital with second and third-degree burns
much. >> the san bruno blast killed jessica morales. tonight friends and family gathered around to say goodbye as they become outraged. >>> they don't want to let out information because of terrorists? come on. >> eight days after the crestmoor neighborhood erupted into an inferno, we still know very little about what triggered that blast. but tonight a critical word has emerg emerged: corrosion. corrosion could have weakened the gas line. now they're demanding pg&e turn over a list of the state's most dangerous pipelines. monty francis is live in san bruno with more details for us. monty? >> reporter: jessica, some state lawmakers demanded pg&e turn over that list. we asked them for that list a week ago and today they put that request in writing. >> he is one of a handful of residents who lived near the explosion site in san bruno, who said he smelled gas in the days and weeks before the blast. he is incensed that pg&e are holding a list of the most as a rule -- vulnerable sites in the city. >> you don't have to live life like that. >> they asked pg&e to turn over the list as early as
: heather, there were stories about jessica's smile, there were stories about her laughter. and then there was a story that described the bond between her and the woman who brought her into this world. ♪ how sweet the sound ♪ >> reporter: tonight a celebration of life, the life of young jessica morales. the 20-year-old's family and closest of friends guided her into the church in the highlands where on this summer weekend she was remembered for her openness, gracefulness and her love for life and friends. >> she was my best friend, my sister, my partner in crime and my ray of sunshine. she shook my quiet little world with laughter, smiles, tears and most importantly, love. >> on behalf of the family, i would like to welcome you. >> reporter: jessica morles memorial was attended as by hundreds of people. her casket dressed in showers, different shades of purple, her favorite color. her teenage years were filled with passion and design. as she grew into a young woman, as one friend said, it was evident she was on her dream path. >> i'll never forget jessica's curly hair,
>> >> hello, i'm don scott. >> i'm jessica kartalija. state health regulators are investigating another hospital suspected of performing unnecessary procedures. we're live in mt. vernon. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: hi, jessica, state officials say their investigation is still in the early stages and it could be some time before the patients know if they were subjected to unnecessary medical preesier -- procedures. >> reporter: they're investigating a second unnamed maryland hospital to determine if unnecessary procedures were performed on patients. >>> we've asked for another review of another hospital. if i wanted to name the hospital, i would have named it in the report. at this point work we're maintaining that confidentiality. >> reporter: st. joseph's came under review after 600 patients had unnecessary stints in their bodies stints are small devices that open blocked arteries. earlier this year, wjz spoke with this woman who didn't want to be identified. , i don't feel comfortable with having two stints in me that shouldn't have been there, this is my life. >> re
>>> hello again. i'm jessica kartalija. don has the day off. we begin with breaking news. a doll montgomery high school is on code blue alert after a shooting in a nearby apartment complex. police say 312-year-old joshua prince is on the loose, armed and dangerous and is suspected of shooting his ex-girlfriend just after 7:00 this morning with a high powered rifle. classes are going on as scheduled but exterior doors are locked. montgomery county police have also shut down the ramp from interstate 270 to rock ledge drive. >>> we have more breaking news out of baltimore county. we're taking a live look from sky chopper 13 over st. clemens church in rosedale. that school has been evacuated after a report of a strong odor of gasoline. the students were sent home as a precaution. stay with wjz and wjz.com for more. >>> three juveniles are accused of stabbing a man during a robbery at baltimore city. it happened near penn station and the jfx. adam may has more. good afternoon, adam. >> reporter: good afternoon, jessica. a simple question is what led up to the stabbing. right now two 1
the investgaters can't rule out arson. >>> hello, i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. here's what people are talking about today. fast moving flames are keeping most of the firefighters busy in baltimore. derek valcourt has the latest or not in fact -- on the investigation. >> reporter: most of the homes here, gutted by the fire and investigators say they belief the wind and the dry weather conditions may have played a roll in the major fires that ripped through baltimore's westside yesterday. >> this is the first of three fires that started within two hours over two city blocks monday afternoon. >> my clothes are smoked up. my room, my bedroom's smoked up from the back. >> reporter: we captured the start of the second fire across from the first home. three home rows and the blaze and wind is likely the cause. >> it could have played a factor in the second point. when the initial companies arrived, there was heavy fire and smoke conditions. the embers could have blown on to one of the other homes. >> reporter: 140 firefighters saturated the area and shut down the streets. there's another
>>> hello, i'm don scott. >> and i'm jessica kartalija. a hazmat spill forced workers to evacuate from not one, but two buildings. weijia jiang has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, to everyone. it's still an active scene behind me, the authorities say it's more dangerous and more serious of a situation than they originally thought. they thought a little bit of acid fell, but now, it's 60- gallons. it came from a porcelain company that etches. they use the acid to etch into stone and it leaked out and their top priority was to get the people evacuated. they'll continue to work on the scene. >> reporter: around 10:00 this morning, the crews respond to the 2900 block of witting ton avenue in baltimore for an acid spill. while teams survey the area over an hour into the work, they realize it's worse than they thought. we've found a 55-gallon drum of this acid, it's a highly toxic acid and it's now empty. we found trails of it throughout the building and in some of the spaces as well and it's seeped into some of the carpet areas. >> what's your biggest concern right now with the acid
grados... ==== ---vamos a la ultima pausa y ya tenemos a jessica carrillo con lo ultimo de la farandula la vida de gael garcia--- ---despues de los rumores de su separacion el actor gael garcia y dolores fonsi esperan su segundo bebe....---- y un bombero fue arrestado por declararle su amor a la reina del pop...----jessica carrillo nos explica de que lo acusan, y nos habla del regreso de paty cantu.... =jessica carrillo: hola buenas noches... uno de los charolastras se prepara para darle la bienvenida a su segundo bebe... aqui les tengo acceso total... gael garcia y dolores fonzi esperan a su segundo hijo, segun informan varios medios de comunicacion... el actor mexicano y la actriz argentina ya tienen al pequeÑo lazaro de un aÑo y parece que buscan a la parejita... pese a los rumores de una separacion, con esta noticia parece que la pareja esta feliz... ellos estan juntos desde el 2007... la cantante jaliciense paty cantu, regresa al mundo musical ella es la ex integrante del grupo "lu" y ahora como solista presenta su tema "clavo que saca otro clavo"... en esta nueva produccion la
de los fortachones .... es una historia local que ya le contaremos, enseguida ... ---ahora, jessica y un avance del tiempo ... =enseguida llega jessica carrillo con la informacion del pronostico del tiempo, aqui en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis de la tarde = ---y continue llamando para opinar en vivo al 1-866-229-4848 ... o escriba a noticiero 48@telemundo punto com.---¿que le parece la idea de que sus hijos tengan jornada de 9 horas en la escuela, como ya lo estan haciendo en oakland?---ya regresamos !!!! !!!! ---- en san francisco se celebro esta maÑana la aprobacion de una nueva ley para las niÑeras, cuidadoras y empleadas domesticas del este del pais que exigian que sus derechos laborales fueran respetados.....----- una lucha que tambien lleva a cabo un grupo de mujeres de nuestro estado. " hoy es un gran dia por que hemos logrado una gran victoria en nueva york y ese es un buen precendente para que california tambien siga los mismos pasos de un derecho para las trabajadoras del hogar ya que nosotras somos excluidas de cualquier derecho " laboral."----aqui en california se
jose, y mas de 80 en san francisco.---jessica llega con un adelanto del pronostico. =enseguida llega jessica carrillo con la informacion del pronostico del tiempo, aqui en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis de la tarde = = --- primera pausa en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis ... y enseguida le muestro ... las mulas bomberas !!!---esto si que es tecnologia para combatir incendios !!! ---y continue llamando para opinar en vivo al 1-866-229-4848 ... o escriba a noticiero 48@telemundo punto com.---la economia esta mal otra vez ... ¿y seguimos comprando juguetes tecnologicos?----ya volvemos ! ! --- hoy estamos hablando de tecnologia ... pues bien: esta es tecnologia del siglo diecisiete, en el veintiuno. ---- mulas como estas, ayudan al distrito de parques del este de la bahia a quitar hierbas y otros desechos de zonas que pueden incendiarse, en hayward.---- lo hacen en el parque "don castro" que esta cerca de casas y apartamentos. -- los senderos son muy angostos, por lo cual los nobles animales hacen un trabajo ... excelente, segun dicen. en noticiero telemundo 48 a en la comunidad= -
jessica for all her work. this is a tremendous amount of technical work that jessica has been leading for the department with the air quality district for what is probably close to a year now with these proposed changes. a couple of things, one, the reason we wanted to bring this to you today is because you are going to see new information in your eir's, related to these topics. and some of the eir's in the next few weeks will have this information. the other thing we wanted to alert you to is the fact that these, taken at face value these current guidelines could have the impact of taking some fairly modest size projects into a category of an eir and we have been working with the district how to best address that issue. that is why we are taking the approach of doing this community risk reduction plan which can then qualitatively say projects meet within that plan without every project having to do an analysis. it's parallel with the process of changing from an auto trips system to a level of service, instead of looking at each individual project, you look at the whole and then each
? ---nos lleva al corte jessica con un adelanto de su pronostico !!!! =enseguida llega jessica carrillo con la informacion del pronostico del tiempo, aqui en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis de la tarde = = ---el presidente de el salvador mauricio funes visita los estados unidos y su primera parada la efectuo en los angeles... angeles...---alli funes dijo que buscara que los salvadoreÑos amparados bajo el estatus de proteccion temporal o tps obtengan un estatus permanente en este pais... ---el mandatario dijo no tener aun cifras especificas de cuantas personas se han acogido al beneficio migratorio cuya reinscripcion finaliza hoy. ---por cierto el mandatario salvadoreÑo fue entrevistado por el periodista de telemundo los angeles ruben luengas... sobre su gobierno de izquierda y las necesidades de los salvadoreÑos...---esta es parte de la entrevista. en en noticiero en en noticiero telemundo 48 a las seis, tu voz comunidad= ---y ahora vamos con daniel rodriguez, para que usted opine sobre el tema de discusion de esta tarde ... ¿ya estas listo daniel?--- ---cesar, ---- la iglesia catolic
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. >>> the coroner said that four people are confirmed dead. a 20-year-old jessica morales is one of them. we talked to the family and they said that jessica was visiting her boyfriend at the time. her family filed a report with police yesterday and then waited for answers. >> about 2:30 we were on hold waiting for the police department to come back and tell us any news that they may have found and we got a call, a knock on the door from the coroner and the coroner was standing two police officers and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. we had her that -- had indicated he saw jessica die and that there was nothing he could do to save her. i went to the hospital and hoped that maybe he could give me something to hope for. we were told by neighbors that they saw jessica run out after him. he had ran back in and then saw her run after him. then we could never confirm she was still alive so that little hope was there for us and the knock on the door this afternoon just confirmed what our greatest fear was. >> family members say the boyfriend was in the hospital with burns to 50% of his body. >>
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danger? the answer, coming up. >> jessica: and much more, next on teen kids news. >> mwanzaa: welcome to teen kids news. i'm mwanzaa. >> jessica: and i'm jessica. here's our top story for this week. >> mwanzaa: it was one of the most painful days in american history. on september 11, 2001 al qaeda terrorists attacked the united states. it is a tragedy we won't ever forget. erika reports on a unique memorial that not only pays tribute. it actually helps to make us safer. >> whenever there's a loud noise, i've always been one of those people that runs towards the noise, versus away. that's one of the reasons i became a volunteer firefighter. >> erika: scott koen vividly remembers the events of 9/11. the planes that crashed in washington dc, pennsylvania and new york city. scott wanted to do something special to honor those caught up in the terrorist attacks. and so i developed a project called freedom plaza, which was to use the materials from the world trade center, and make a large north american bald eagle out of it, and it's on the size and scale of the statue of liberty. scott desi
up from. their 20-year-old tower jessica morales died in the san bruno explosion. >> it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: jessica was at her boyfriend's house earl avenue to watch the start of the nfl season. she'd been dating joe four months. renee said joe went went outside when he first heard the explosion. >> we had heard that joe had indicated that he saw jessica perish and ha there was nothing he could do -- that there was nothing he could do to save her. >> i knew that she was going to come back and she didn't and a lot of people don't understand that until it happens to them. that when you know your child isn't going to come back, it's an empty, empty feeling. >> reporter: tonight jessica's family is more sad than angry trying to handle their grief the best way they can, by talking about their daughter. >> but i always knew that she would be there for me when i got old and she would be my comfort. now i don't know what i'm going to do without my jessie. >> i pray to god to have her by his side. >> reporter: now at this time of great pain renee remembers the
notarangelo. >>> she was among the youngest victims of pipeline explosion nine days ago. jessica morales was known for her great love for family and her mischievousness. >> friends, family and local leaders gathered to say good- bye. there was laughter and tears at tonight's memorial as they recalled jessica's morality, her fashion sense, and her gift for friendship. most of all, they remembered her joyful spirit. >> she was just so happy. >> but mostly i will miss your laughter. i hear it so clearly. i see your smiles so vividly. >> she shook my quiet little world with laughter, smiles, tears, and most importantly, love. jessica, we will always miss you, your big goofy self, your smiles, most of all, of course, your smile. >> morales was watching football with her boyfriend jeffrey gomez when a pipeline exploded just steps away. he said he ran out to find out what was going on and when he tried to go back into save jessica he was unable to reach her. he is hospitalised with burns over 40% of her body. friends say it's the happy memories of her that will keep him going. >> she was a wond
of the youngest victims of the san bruno pipeline explosion. as ann shows us, 20-year-old jessica morales is remembered as a joyful spiritual with a deep love for family. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: friends, family, local leaders gathered to say goodbye. there was laughter and tears, at tonight's memorial as mourners recall her generosity, fashion sense and gift for friendship. most of all, they remembered her joyful spirit. >> she was just so happy. mostly i will miss your laughter, i hear it so clearly, i see your smile so vividly, she shook my quiet little world with laughter, smiles, tears, most importantly love. jessica we will always miss you. your big goofy self, your smiles most of all your smile. >> reporter: morales was watching football with her boyfriend at his home when the pipeline exploded steps away. he ran outside to find out what was going on and when he tried to go back in to save jessica he was unable to reach her. gomez is hospitalized with second and third degree burns over 40% of his body. friends and family say the happy memories of jessica will keep them going. >>>
] >>> welcome back, i'm jessica kartalija if for don scott. >> and in traffic reports to report anywhere. >>> well, let's go ahead. jessica, thank you so much. we'll look at the day part, right now, we're in the upper 50s and it's surprisingly great. come back here a second. it's surprisingly cool. temperatures about 58 degrees and lunch, 83 and on the way to a high temperature of about 86 degrees today and 82 at dinner time this even and delight lightful. if you liked yesterday, you'll love today >>> here's what people will be talking about today. a series of attacks near the university of maryland campus sparks a warning for students this morning. weijia jiang has more on the recent assaults. good morning, weijia. >> reporter: there's been at least three separate attacks involving the university of maryland students. now, the police are looking for eight different suspects. three separate attacks with one thing in common. the suspects are praying on the victims during the late evening hours. >> reporter: that's frightening. >> the most recent was sunday morning. he suffered cuts to his
and janessa gray is tomorrow. >>> the other vigil tonight was for jessica morales. >> reporter: a week ago tonight san bruno was sered into people's memories. >> at 6:15 it's going to be the time of the explosion, the time that it happened. and we're all here to remember jessica morales. >> reporter: a week ago tonight jessica morales was watching football with her boyfriend. tonight at grundy park folks came to mourn her passing and to remember her boyfriend who still remains in the hospital with burns. >> i couldn't go to sleep for all those days. i still can't. it's still very hard because she's my best friend. >> reporter: jessica's mother is thankful for everyone's love. >> i thank you for everyone's love. just you looking at me and giving me a smile of encouragement that means a lot to me. >> reporter: today those who survived were busy trying to salvage remains from the fire. the city manager says in some ways, san bruno will never really be normal again. >> i think this situation has changed the community in ways that we probably don't yet even have the ability to perceive. >> rep
with it live. kai jackson reports on the response, the shooter and the doctor. while jessica cartalia has reaction from a witness. we begin with deric valcourt. >> reporter: the shooters brother is telling wjz news that his mother had rheumatoid arthritis and several complications. when the doctor was explaining that her latest surgery did not go well and she may not walk again, the shooter snapped. >> they just locked everything down. >> reporter: s.w.a.t. team in gear rushed to the scene where dr. david cohen had just delivered news to a patients son who became so distraught with the news that he shot the doctor. >> last seen running into the room, brandishing the handgun in the direction of his mother who's confined to the bed. >> reporter: the injured doctor was rushed into surgery with a gunshot to the abdomen while police evacuated the eighth floor and scrambled to subdue the suspect. >> it is possible he's barricaded in a room. >> reporter: as s.w.a.t. teams secured the eighth floor of the building police tried to make contact with perta. but they soon realized that he had shot his
. >> hello, everyone. i'm jessica kartalija. don scott has the day off today. and here's what people are talking about. hurricane earl is here, bringing rough surf, high winds and rain to maryland's beaches. taking a look at the situation here in ocean city. you can clearly see it would be dangerous to be out in this water today, which is why no one is allowed to swim or surf there. wjz is live with extensive first warning weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and marty bass are tracking earl's path. manuel gallegus is in north carolina. right in the storm's wrath. and adam may is in ocean city, being hit right now. let's go right to ocean city, where adam has more on what's happening there. good afternoon, upon -- adam. >> good afternoon, jessic a. boy, since this morning, things have been changing almost every 15 minutes or so. you almost get a glimpse of sun, then you get the rain, then you get the gust of wind. one thing that has been consistent are the huge waves that are stirring up the ocean. >> reporter: the outer bands of hurricane earl, now violently churning the wat
scott. and i'm jessica kartalija. >> here's what people are talking about today. a lot of weather-related issues. we, of course, will give you an update on hurricane earl. but first, a school advisory to tell you about now. baltimore county schools will be closing two hours early today, due to heat. baltimore county schools closing two hours early. also, baltimore has canceled all of its afternoon pre-k classes. >>> the major hurricane churning in the atlantic now. the east coast is already feeling the effects now, with lifeguards keeping a close eye on swimmers daring to go out to the surf. meteorologist bernadette woods and tim williams is tracking where earl is right now. andrea fujii has how maryland is preparing for the storm. and manuel gallegus in north carolina, where tourists have already been told to evacuate. first, bernadette with new information on the evacuation center. we'll get to tim as well. good afternoon, bernadette. >> good afternoon, don and everyone out there. yes, a hurricane watch has been issued for parts of maryland now. that's the issue in the 11:00 upd
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